CHAVEZ, ANGELA                                                                                     
Before my bra strap always fell off from my shoulders, Lucky I found this product and I am using the lady straps everyday now. Definitely will buy it again.
Gonzalez, Betty           
I am a teacher. My bra strap used to fall off my shoulder when I lecture the class. It was the most annoying thing. I found this bra strap holder really solve the problem.
Chen, Cathleen                                                                                   
Easy to use. Worked perfect!  
SUSANNA DURAN             
I love these things! I have narrow shoulders, and bra straps fall off of them easily. These keep that from happening. 
Flores, Lily 
These clips work perfect.
Sara Osowiecki 
Really good deal.
At first, I bought one to test it out. At the end of the day, I put it in the washer and it is still in good condition. On the next day, I was wondering how come my strap falling off and I realized my bra strap holder is still in the washer. So I have to tell myself, I need to buy 3 more, so I have enough to exchange just in case I wash it.

What I like the most is at the end of the day, I can leave the bra strap with my bra and throw it in the washer. I will recommend keep the snap button on with the bra when you wash and dry it, so you won’t lose the bra straps easily.
Morris, Maria 
Good quality, good price. 
This is my second time to purchase this product. This lady strap is very useful, helpful, easy to use and easy to clean, the quality/materials is very soft.
Wendy Liu 
They do just what I need! So far so good. They are sturdy.
Cecilia Yu 
The falling bra straps often bothering me until I found this product! Very good materials and it help stablized the straps ~ will recommend to all my friends. 
Awesome product for minimal price!!
Victoria Tou 
These are awesome and work great! Would definitely but again!
Joanna Kong 
Very secure and comfortable.