About us


           Just like other busy women, I struggled with my bra straps.  Even a quick trip to the grocery store was frustrating.  I found myself adjusting them constantly, while holding my infant child, placing grocery items in the cart and paying at the checkout stand.
           In my quest to find a solution, I shopped all the retail stores and searched desperately on the internet for a bra strap holder.  After purchasing and testing several products, none of them seem to work for me.  I even found a few do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions.  For example, connecting the bra straps with paper clip, sewing elastic and buttons or snaps to the bra straps.   They were all also not easy to use and didn't fit comfortably.
          Working with different materials and testing many prototypes, I created my dream solution and made it available for all women who "struggle with their bra straps".  I hope they help you as they do for me everyday.