Elastic wristlet keychain, Loop wristlet key ring, Wristlet key strap, Key lanyard, Key fob (Buy one Get 1 Free, Free USA Shipping)

Lady Straps

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The Most Comfortable "Elastic Wristlet Keychain" that stretches easily and resumes it's original shape. Machine washable and can withstand daily use. Simply "Click-and-Click" the buttons, your keys will attach to your strap and you can keep your hand free.

• Easy to carry when going out, walking your dog and keeping your hand free.
• Elastic or stretchable, so your keys are within easy reach to the door knob.
• Light weight and easy to carry around.
• Colorful and beautiful with different buttons.
• Washable.
• Easy to attach and detach.

Materials: Spandex/Polyester and Plastic Snap Buttons.

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